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What would your business look like tomorrow if your best customers left you for a competitor?

July 28th, 2011 by Dale Jones

You’re still in business.

Testimony to the realization: You are smart and you know how to survive this economy.

You realize your best customers are being courted by your fiercest competitors, both online and by traditional methods.

You’re holding your own and keeping them happy.

You must have the service mentality, marketing know-how and fulfill a niche that safeguards your business from losing your top clients. Or do you? Do you know for certain?

Recently, Guy Kawasaki, former Apple chief evangelist, tweeted about a study posted on Social Media Today called “Social Media case study: Broadcast vs. Engagement in forums”.  The study’s premise made a strong case: the traditional marketing concept of broadcasting a message at a market is less effective than building an engaging, interactive campaign which seeks the active involvement of the target audience. The study indicates a strong increase in views, and especially in comments, occurs when a promotional campaign that makes claims is changed to one that asks questions.

Kawasaki’s conclusion: “Why not do both?”

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Are Your Prospects Still in the Dark?

July 13th, 2011 by admin

Check out this video.

Are your prospects still in the dark because your message hasn’t been creatively conceived, seen or heard?

“Business today requires new perspectives on strategy, operations, and staff.  Most of all it requires a level of flexibility that has previously been considered a weakness in some organizations.

To navigate in an increasingly complex environment and zig when all the competition are all zagging, you must flip repeatedly between different perspectives and paradigms.  And you must do so in real time and on demand.”

Peter Sheahan, FLIP

The days of haphazardly throwing various forms of marketing and public relations campaigns at broad constituencies in hopes of garnering your organization’s share of the market are over.